Revenue Watch and the Vale Columbia Center release a report and interactive website on how to better manage natural resource funds, a subset of sovereign wealth funds.

A practical guide for journalists aiming to create better coverage of the mining sector in Guinea, this French-language guide presents important tips for better reporting on a key industry.

RWI, through analyzing the Azerbaijani government’s initiatives, has produced an assessment of Azerbaijan's progress promoting greater economic diversification and of the barriers to achieving the broader goal of lessening the country’s dependence on oil and gas.

Subnational resource-rich governments face distinct challenges in managing revenues from volatile, exhaustible resources. These include: unpredictable and discretionary resource revenue transfers between national and subnational governments...

Resource-rich regions usually expect and strive for local economies to benefit from oil, gas and mineral projects. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The Eurasia Hub aims to improve knowledge and skills of civil society representatives on extractive industry governance and to increase effectiveness and transparency of EI governance...

A series of scoping studies to increase our collective understanding of these economies in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

In 2008, RWI designed a project to address the enormous governance challenges facing regional and local governments in Peru.

This analysis outlines the bill's failure to offer a clear path to more effective management of Nigeria's state-owned oil enterprise.

In the first report on oil and gas transit revenues in four Black Sea and Balkan countries, Revenue Watch found there to be little or no publicly available data on transit tariffs and state transit revenues in Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey, and urged governments to make the information public.

Fact Sheets

How do the claims of opponents of disclosure requirements compare with the facts?

Revenue Watch has advised the Government of Guinea since early 2011 on various elements of its mining sector reform.

Offering training to journalists to improve their ability to report about oil, gas and minerals, lessons from the pilot phase in Ghana and Uganda between 2010 and 2012 have helped RWI expand and adapt this media training to the journalism and extractive contexts of other countries in Africa and elsewhere.

To advance local economic and social development, RWI works with governments, civil society, journalists and companies.