Publish What You Pay

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is a global network of civil society organizations that are united in their call for oil, gas and mining revenues to form the basis for development and improve the lives of ordinary citizens in resource-rich countries. PWYP undertakes public campaigns and policy advocacy to achieve disclosure of information about industry revenues and contracts.

PWYP's network comprises over 600 member organizations across the world, including human rights, development, environmental and faith-based groups. In more than 30 countries, network members have joined forces by creating civil society coalitions for collective action. The priorities of each coalition reflect the unique national context of the extractives sector in the country.

Revenue Watch is one of the founding members of the International PWYP coalition, and also belongs to the U.S. and UK national coalitions. RWI provides financial and technical support to PWYP coalitions in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Latin America and North America and to members of the International PWYP leadership.

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