Revenue Watch conducts advocacy at all levels of government and in the private sector to encourage better stewardship of natural resources for the public good. RWI promotes open, accountable and informed governance at all stages of oil, gas and mineral development and revenue management.

Most of this work is in support of individuals and institutions bringing about change in their own countries. At the national level, Revenue Watch works with governments, civil society and parliamentarians to promote progressive rules and contracts, and to monitor their implementation. In Liberia, Mongolia and the DRC, RWI and its partners have succeeded in making contract transparency the norm.

RWI also supports efforts toward effective resource governance at the subnational level. In Indonesia, work by RWI and partners has led to the adoption of new rules for revenue reporting by two district-level governments.

RWI also advocates at the international level, promoting standards and regulations that affect many countries. Recent achievements include the new transparency provisions of the U.S. Dodd-Frank law, which mandate company reporting of payments made to governments.