The Revenue Watch IKAT-US project is a USAID-funded partnership with three Indonesian nongovernmental organizations and civil society counterparts from Southeast Asia. Partners work together to promote effective transparency and accountability campaigns focused on the oil, gas and mining industries, and targeting regional, national and subnational authorities. 

Natural resource extraction drives many economies in Southeast Asia, and foreign direct investment (FDI) in the extractive sector is at historic highs.

Revenue Watch partners Article 33 and Bantay Kita coalition in the Philippines have produced a new video showcasing their collaboration on the IKAT-US project.

Cielo Magno of Bantay Kita discusses rebuilding trust in the the Philippines' mining industry in BusinessWorld.

Now fully staffed and operational, the Hub is delivering its inaugural course, "Improving the Governance of Extractive Industries," with participation from civil society actors from Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

Crude oil output has plunged 21% in the last four years and Malaysia is expected to become a net energy importer by 2017. “Within this small window of time, it is crucial that we extract the most from our oil and gas resources, and minimise wastage and leakages,” according to REFSA. And that goes with a better governance of the sector.

From Our Partners

EI Watch: EI Watch is a web-portal developed by RWI’s Indonesian IKAT-US partner, the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), to overview the extractive industries situation in Southeast Asia.
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Video: Presidential Assistant on Climate Change Sec. Bebet Gozun on the Philippine implementation of EITI.
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Jakarta Post: With EITI, Indonesia Incorporates Transparency into Governance (21 November 2012)