Expert Advice

Revenue Watch provides pro-bono, demand-driven expert advice to citizen groups and government officials seeking to steer their countries toward more transparent, accountable and effective management of oil and mineral resources. RWI provides a comparative international perspective that allows policymakers to make decisions in light of the experiences of other countries. RWI also supports technical analyses of the legal and economic implications of various decisions regarding oil and mineral contracts, legislation and strategy.

Relying on a team of in-house lawyers, economists and governance experts, and frequently in partnership with the International Senior Lawyers' Project, RWI has provided extensive technical assistance to governments seeking to improve revenue management. RWI has worked with legislative drafters in countries including Ghana and Niger to develop laws that improve public oversight. Our technical expertise has helped Sierra Leone and Mongolia gain improved terms in major mining deals. We have also helped economic planners reduce the risks of instability that often go along with volatile commodity prices. RWI's work has extended to pilot revenue management and transparency programs with provincial and local governments.

In addition to our technical assistance to governments, we have worked extensively with parliaments, advising the Peruvian congress on revenue-sharing legislation and supporting legislative analysis of a major minerals bill in Tanzania. In other cases, we have advised civil society groups advocating for new policies and greater accountability. RWI helped citizen groups analyze technical decisions of their governments and develop effective campaigns to ensure that natural resource policy promotes citizens' interests.